I) Differentiate Videha Mukti and Jeevan Mukti.
2) Differentiate विद्वत्सन्यास and विविदिषा सन्यास |

Jeevan Mukti is when one has acquired aparoksha jnana and is a practicing non-doer but still continuing in the body due to prarabdha karma, then that person is said to have achieved jivan Mukti. It’s the nearest point one can achieve to cross over samsara. The person acts without the Ahamkara and is pretty much mechanical. The mind is on auto pilot hence there is no dooership or enjoyership.
When the prarabdha karmas of such a person are over he drops his body and becomes a videha mukta. He never acquires a new body again. He is liberated from all future bodies and continues to remain one with the Brahman which was always his original and natural state.

A vividisha sanyasa is a sanyasa of the seeker who is a mumukshu and a jigyasu and because of his desire for knowledge, has taken sanyasa. While in sanyasa, this person is expected to study the scriptures, contemplate, meditate on the jiva brahma oneness and live on bhiksha and carry a danda to show that he is a sanyasi.

A vidivat sanyasi is a knower of the truth who is totally unattached to his body and lives on alms when offered. He has no possessions and no attachments, likes or dislikes. He is a jivan mukta as he daily practices cessation of the mind.

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